The area that comprises Mirror Lake is zoned as conservation land and therefore is governed by regulations that are intended to protect and preserve the present environment. Please keep the following in mind when visiting:

  • Electric, powered motors for small watercraft are allowed. Gas powered motors are not.
  • ALL motor vehicles are prohibited from driving down the hill to the waterfront. They must be parked at the upper parking lot or along the road.
  • Charcoal & propane grills are prohibited from the area at all times.
  • NO dogs are allowed at any time!
  • Recreational flotation devices (noodles, inner tubes/rings, water wings, kick boards, and boogie boards) are not allowed at any time.

  • US Coast Guard approved life vests/jackets (types 1-3) are allowed.
  • Please respect the lifeguards. They are there to assist you.

A number of small watercraft can be rented throughout the day including kayaks, canoes, rowboats and paddle boats.

Fishing is also an enjoyable activity at the lake where bass, trout, sunfish and other common species are plentiful.


For those interested in boating lessons on a sunfish or a topaz boat, we have partnered with the town of Harvard to offer instruction at Bare Hill Pond (sailing lessons are ONLY at Bare Hill Pond and not at Mirror Lake).  We offer two times for boaters of any level to join.  Group I runs from 12:30-2PM Monday through Friday and Group II lessons go from 2-3:30PM Monday through Friday.  The sessions are week to week with the first one starting June 20th.  The last one will end on August 19th.  Each week is $150 for either beginner or advanced instruction.

Looking for 1-1 boating instruction?  This is offered in the mornings at a rate of $95/1.5hrs on the sunfish and $115/1.5hrs for the topaz uno or topaz race.  For any questions related to the boating program, please email

To register for a boating class, follow the instructions below.

*Please keep in mind that all private & semi-private lessons must be canceled within 24 hours*
**No refunds for missed days of group lessons**
***You may withdraw from a group class up to 7 days prior***
****No boating the week of July 4th****

To register for a boating class:

  1. Login to your account if the system hasn’t already brought you there.
  2. Click on “Registrations” located on the left-hand side.
  3. Click on the drop-down menu that says “ All Events” and choose “Swimming Pool” (don’t worry, even though we don’t have a swimming pool, this is something programmed into the software that we can’t change).
  4. Click on “Search Classes” and you will see the list of swimming classes and two boating options that are available.
  5. Click on the class you want, scroll down to the bottom and click “Sign Up”.
  6. Now click on your name of that of your child you want enrolled into the class.
  7. Click “Add to cart”
  8. Scroll to the top of the screen and click on your cart (this step is easy to miss).  If for some reason your cart does not seem clickable, hover the mouse just above the cart and you should be able to do it then.
  9. Click “Submit Payment”
  10. All set!